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When Happy Hounds Pet Grooming owner Barb Berntsen isn’t volunteering as a groomer at the National Mill Dog Rescue or tending to her own pets—five dogs and one rescue cat—she’s pampering her clients’ pooches. For more than 15 years, she’s conditioned and groomed fur, cleansed anal glands and ears, and helped canines combat shedding with FurMinator Shed-Less procedures. Soothing oatmeal baths inspire tail wagging and applications of dip shield dogs against fleas and ticks more effectively than a sweater made out of mosquito net.

From our Clients:

I started going to Happy Hounds and Barb back in 1996 when my Blarney was a puppy and have been going ever since!  She groomed my Blarney for 131/2 years and Blarney loved her.  Blarney would recognize Barb's street as soon as we took the corner and would start to pace back and forth and pant in her excitement to get out of the car. Barb has ALWAYS done a superb job and her love of animals shines through in everything that she does.  When we sadly put Blarney down last year, my family and Barb were there.  What an unbelievable comfort.  We now go back to see Barb with our puppy Connor.

I would give Barb and Happy Hounds my Grade A,  5 star, #1, Gold Crown, "top of the heap", Gold Star, 100%, "I and my dogs love her to pieces" endorsement without any qualms whatsoever!!
Thank you Barb!

Anne M. Stone

We found Barb soon after moving to Colorado Springs in the early nineties.  She groomed our little, black Schnauzer until Heidi died in 2004.  We moved a little further north and soon had another little, black Schnauzer.  Because of distance, we found another groomer who we muddled through with for a couple of years.

Eventually, we came back around to Barb.  Enough of the muddling through.  She's dependable, does a good job and she cares about her animals . . . definitely worth the drive.  We're back to stay!!!

Suzette Parker

We have been customers of Barb Berntsen's Happy Hounds for 15 years.  When we first moved to Colorado Springs she groomed Mike, our Cairn terrier.  Later she took care of our two West Highland White terriers, Scooter and Katie.  We have always been very pleased with her work.  We still have Katie and Barb continues to do an excellent job.  We would recommend her to anyone!

Bob and Lynn Carlile

Barb at Happy Hounds has been grooming all of my two dogs since about 2004. She always does an impeccable job and they come home fresh and clean and much more comfortable after she does her magic. Now that my current two are old men dogs, Barb takes special care since they both have special needs. Barb appreciates dogs as clients and also as individuals deserving the best care and attention.

Jonelle Neighbor

Barb, our groomer at Happy Hounds,  has been grooming our cocker spaniels for the past 15 years.  I have always trusted her to take good care of our 4 legged family members and she has never disappointed us.  More than once she has pointed out something that we need to have checked out by our vet, and that has helped us keep our cocker spaniels healthy.  I have recommended her, and will continue to recommend her to anyone that wants a quality groomer.

Gail Klug

I have been taking my two labs to Happy Hounds Pet Grooming and Barb for the past four years. When first recommended by a friend to use Barb’s services, my yellow lab Clipper, had just had TPLO surgery and was scheduled to have the second knee operated on six months later. Barb advocated putting Clipper on NuJoint vitamins that promote healing. I adhere to her advise and to my surprise and my vet who did the surgery, Clipper was healing earlier and stronger then typical. Keeping him on the vitamins the second surgery recovery rate was even more successful.

For my chocolate lab, Yankee, Barb’s regular grooming picked up on a potential ear infection. Off to the vet again and sure enough, the start of an ear infection. Thanks to Barb catching it early, only ear drops were required.

Barb is not just a groomer, she is a person who loves all our 4-legged (two legged ducks) friends and truly cares about their whole well being. I thank my friend for the magnificent grooming tip to go to Barb and will continue to advise others to use Barb and Happy Hounds Pet Grooming. You can’t find a more compassionate, loving, and proficient groomer than Barb.

Kim Canatsey

We have taken our three dogs to Barb at Happy Hounds over many years, and have always been happy with her.  She has Springers, as do we, so we feel she knows how they should look; but she did well by our cocker mix too.  She offers a wide range of services, and keeps track of your past preferences.  I would and have recommended her to friends with dogs.

Patricia White

Barb has always been someone we could trust with our pet. She treats our pet like a family member and cares about her well being. Her grooming skills are awesome as our dog can be a bit of a challenge to groom. I'd recommend barb to anyone looking for a groomer.

Karen Reynolds



Happy Hounds is exactly how it is stated...a Happy place to have your puppies cared for when needing to be groomed in a loving and safe atmosphere. Barb is the can tell by her love for ALL breeds that this is truely a lover of the animal kingdom!!  Our puppies always get the best "do's" and never seem bothered to go back to visit.  I would highly recommend Barb if what you are looking for is someone who really CARES and LOVES what she shares with her little critters!!

Peggy Straeb

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